About Us

About E3 Fitness

E3 Fitness is the leader for building healthy people and healthy families through functional and community based fitness, partnering with The E3 Initiative to actively be seeking out and serving the needy and homeless within our reach.

Our Mission and Value Statement

Embracing people for their past, Encouraging them in their today and equipping them for a better tomorrow isn’t just in our name, it is what propels us forward both in the gym and outside of it.

E3Fitness is Salem VA’s home for building healthy, strong people and families through functional fitness, personal training, and community driven involvement. We seek to be a beacon of hope communicating that healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy relationships are possible for anyone, despite their current life circumstances.

Mission Statement
Provide a place and opportunity for all people to become healthier and fit for the purpose of becoming better: spouses, parents, children, coworkers, etc…so that we can better serve others and build a better community.

Values Statement
Cultivate a community of healthy servant leaders, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, who are focused on inspiring a renewal of purpose and importance to our neighbors in need.

A sea anchor in turbulent waters is to keep the boat steady until the storm passes. Leaders must leverage their organization’s core values in challenging times to provide their people a steady steer towards their destination. 

Anchor Values

      • Integrity: People will ALWAYS come first. We will not waver in our pursuit to ALWAYS do what is right by people and for people. 
      • Commitment: We commit ourselves to having a better understanding of the priorities, goals and passions of our clients. Through this understanding, our services will support the personal and physical growth of our members with  a measurable goal.
      • Balance: We believe that health and fitness happens on many levels, and we will modify accordingly to the needs of our clients. Our community will support and foster physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony amongst ALL people of ALL walks of life. 
      • Perseverance: We don’t quit! Whether in our fitness, emotional, or faith journey, we continue to pursue and lead others to excellence in all things. 
      • Growth: “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” – Abraham Maslow